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Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Imagine living your entire life as a normal person doing normal things. What would you do if that changed and all of a sudden you weren’t so normal anymore? If you were given the choice of having one superhuman power, which would you choose?
Would you protect the innocent or prey on the weak? Would you accumulate massive wealth due to your superior intellect or would you create a better world for everyone with it? How many banks would you rob if you couldn’t be stopped, much less seen, or would you try to put an end to senseless murders and chaos? Are you good or are you evil?
We’ve all been asked by someone what superpower we would have if we could choose, but if you had it, what would you do with it?
The Untouchables is about ordinary humans all over the world who gain superpowers overnight and what they do with them. How many people do you think would use their powers for good and how many would use them for personal gain?
Told through the eyes and voice of Pat Hogan, The Untouchables will show you what the world would really be like when power corrupts, morals fall, and “I am, therefore I will” becomes the motto of a new generation.

“The world we live in, or lived in rather, without super-powered individuals walking around, was already a scary place.” – Randall Cunningham

The Untouchables

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